Amy Winehouse - 27 Roses Amy Winehouse - 27 Roses (Press Release)

Amy Winehouse - 27 Roses
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     Amy Jade Winehouse was a young British singer-songwriter known for her deep and powerful contralto vocals and her eclectic mix of musical genres including soul, jazz and R & B. Considered and referred to as the Soul Diva, Amy was voted the second greatest "ultimate heroine" of the British population at large. Despite her successful career, it was often overshadowed by her personal problems. Furthermore, her involvement with drugs and alcohol and her struggle to overcome them both, also received much media attention. Unfortunately on July 23, 2011, our beloved Amy left us ...
Artists such as U2, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, George Michael, Adele, Kelly Clarkson, and Courtney Love all made tributes to Amy Winehouse.

     On July 23 2013, the Amy Winehouse Fan Club Trouble, will present an art exhibition called "Amy Winehouse - 27 Roses" where 27 different artworks depicting the singer will be on display. The passionate fans of Amy are invited to attend this event, to come to honor, remember and celebrate the Diva.

     The event will also mark the special Brazilian launch of the fundraiser "27 Roses" by Jurik Designs. "27 Roses" is a pencil drawing by Peter Jurik, where 27 roses are depicted behind the image of Amy - each rose symbolizes a year of Amy's life. The original drawing will be reproduced into lithographic art prints and these prints will be sold as a fundraiser for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The art prints will be available online for a limited time only. Also, this is an exclusive release only available for Amy's fans living in Brazil!

     Peter Jurik has resided in Canada since 1968, since his family left Czechoslovakia. The other contributing artists for this exhibition, who are also fans of the singer, are composed of Vivi Yamabuchi, Manohead, Gustavo Paffaro, Hayley Heartbreak, Marcelo Gomes Kleitson Venâncio, Pat Kaapor, Aeverton Dantas, Georgio Nascimento, Taynara Medeiros, Werban Freitas, Rhuama Gomes, Renato Stegun, Sergio Raul Morettini and Shirley Melo.So make a note on your calendar: July 23, 2013, you have an appointment with Amy at the Saraiva Bookstore in the Midway Mall, located at Avenida Bernardo Vieira, 3775, Natal-RN. One way to always stay close to her ...

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"Amy Winehouse - 27 Rosas"
Livraria Saraiva - Shopping MidWay Mall
AV. Bernardo Vieira, 3775, Natal - RN
Exposição de 23 a 28 de julho, das 10h às 22h.
Free Entry

Alexandre Ferreira
President / Fã-Clube Amy Winehouse Trouble
Fone: +55(84) 8781-3908
An exhibition of 27 artworks will forever mark the presence of the singer amongst her fans.