"Japan Tribute 2011" and "Mao Asada 2013" Art Prints "Japan Tribute 2011" and "Mao Asada 2013" Art Prints

Art Prints depicting top Japanese figure skaters help raise funds for Japan.
Japanese Red Cross Society Fundraiser by Jurik Designs.
Mao Asada http://jurikdesigns.com/Japan/mao.html has graciously allowed Jurik Designs to release an additional and individual artwork of herself, to add to this fundraising project - "Mao Asada 2013."  The original pencil drawing depicts Mao in her final swan costume from her 2012/2013 performance to Swan Lake.

With the consent of the Japanese Skating Federation, lithographic art prints are now available for purchase in Japan at Qoo10 - "Japan Tribute 2011" http://list.qoo10.jp/g/405555131 and "Mao Asada 2013."  http://list.qoo10.jp/g/410416546  For other countries, please go to "buy prints" on Jurik Designs website for either the "Japan Tribute 2011" art prints http://www.peterjurik.com/store/index_japan.php or for the "Mao Asada 2013" art prints. http://www.peterjurik.com/store/index_asada.php

The purpose of this project is to help raise funds for Japan and Jurik Designs will be donating partial proceeds from the sales of the prints to the Japanese Red Cross Society.
Regarding "Japan Tribute 2011" the Japan Skating Federation said:  "After the crisis that happened in Japan, many of us spent time in deep sorrow.  Regretfully, we had to transfer the hosting of the 2011 World Figure Skating Championships to Moscow.  During this championship, the Japanese skaters performances delivered hope to the suffering victims in Japan.  This art work captures not only the skaters beauty, but also their strength."
Jurik Designs would like to sincerely thank the figure skaters depicted, for allowing the use of their image for this project, and would also like to thank the Japanese Skating Federation for all their time, support and heart - for enabling this fundraiser to take place.
Vancouver, Canada, August 1st 2013

The original artwork for "Japan Tribute 2011" http://jurikdesigns.com/Japan/japan.html  is a pencil drawing that depicts the top Japanese figure skaters who were to compete in Tokyo at the 2011 World Figure Skating Championships.  While watching live TV coverage of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in March 2011, the idea and purpose for this artwork was originated.
In the artwork
"Japan Tribute 2011"
allery/index_japan.php the Japanese figure skaters are depicted as a cohesive group - displaying their unity, strength, courage and determination.  From left to right they include:  Kananko Murakami, Nobunari Oda, Mao Asada, Daisuke Takahashi, Miki Ando, Takahiko Kozuka, Mervin Tran and Narumi Takahashi.
The artwork captures not only the skaters beauty, but also their strength.
"Japan Tribute 2011" and "Mao Asada 2013" Art Prints
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Mao Asada 2013 - Art Prints
浅田真央 2013

Please view the "Japan Tribute 2011" Youtube.

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